Call for the Ninth International Imam Reza Festival

All praise is due to Allah, who more than 13 centuries ago in the first days of Zeeqa'deh (the eleventh month of Hegira calendar), bestowed upon His true servants, Imam Musa b. Kazim and his wife Najmeh, a son and a daughter: Imam Reza (a.s.) and Fatima Ma'sooma (a.s.) who were not only great guides for their own time but also signs of guidance for every time.
At the time of blossoming of flowers of obedience and contentment at the birthday anniversary of Imam Reza and his sister, the ninth International Imam Reza Festival of art and culture is going to be held once more with the presence of great believers and God seekers in the spiritual banquet of Razavi culture.
In order to ccircumambulate in the galaxy of welayat, every one is invited to join in celebrating important events in the ninth International Imam Reza Festival far better than the previous festivals, to be held in all 31 provinces of Iran as well as 46 countries across the world. September 1st, 2011 is the deadline for receiving creative and innovative works of art and culture.
International Section:
With the help of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization ( and Iranian cultural counselors in the following countries:
1- پرچم - افغانستانAfghanistan: Kabul-Herat
2- پرچم - ارمنستانArmenia: Yerevan
3- پرچم - بنگلادش
4- پرچم - کانادا
Canada: Ottawa
5- پرچم - انگلستانEngland: London, Birmingham, Pytrbrv, Glasgow, Aberdeen
6- پرچم - آلمانGermany: Frankfurt
7- پرچم - غناGhana: Accra
8- پرچم - یونانGreece: Athens
9- پرچم - هندIndia: Delhi, Mumbai
10- پرچم - اندونزی
11- پرچم - عراقIraq: Najaf, Karbala
12- پرچم - قزاقستانKazakhstan: Almaty
13- پرچم - کنیاKenya: Nairobi
14- پرچم - کویتKuwait
15- پرچم - لبنانLebanon: Beirut
16- پرچم - مالزی
17- پرچم - نیجریهNigeria: Lagos
18- پرچم - پاکستانPakistan: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore
19- پرچم - فیلیپینPhilippines
20- پرچم - قطرQatar: Doha
21- پرچم - روسیهRussia: Moscow
22- پرچم - سوئدSweden: Stockholm, Ayalav, Bruce,Yvtyvry
23- پرچم - سوریهSyria: Damascus
24- پرچم - تایلندThailand: Bangkok
25- پرچم - تونسTunisia
26- پرچم - ترکیهTurkey: Ankara
27- پرچم - ترکمنستانTurkmenistan: Ashgabat,Merv
28- پرچم - اماراتUAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
29- پرچم - ازبکستانUzbekistan: Tashkent
30- پرچم - زیمباوهZimbabwe: Harare